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  • Poker Tournaments Explained

    Poker Tournaments Explained For New Zealand poker player’s tournaments are a great way to enjoy a different version of this very popular game and the prize money is often very generous, often going into the six-figure mark.  A poker tournament will have a fixed schedule, which means everything is planned beforehand such as the buy-ins, […]

  • Movie-themed pokies

    Movie-Themed Pokies Classic pokies machines or traditional pokies were usually quite basic and had the traditional symbols such as bells, fruit and lucky 7’s.  These pokies machines are still enjoyed by players, but over the years pokies have developed and new features were added to keep up technologically.  Software developers have added themes and storylines […]

  • Pros And Cons Of Futures Bets

    Pros And Cons Of Futures Bets Futures bets have become the ultimate test for the seasoned punter from New Zealand seeking a challenging sports betting option. Futures bets do however feature pros and cons that either have the potential for big winning combinations or the complete opposite. The following handy guide will provide you with […]

  • Prop Betting Explained

    Prop Betting Explained Prop bets also known, as proposition or side bets are the types of bets directly related to a single sporting event but do not affect the direct outcome of the game. Punters from New Zealand familiar with novelty betting will likely understand prop betting with greater ease. Prop betting is a common […]

  • Ways to Win with Scratch Cards

    Ways to Win with Scratch Cards Canadians love scratch cards, it is an extremely popular pastime for many and can be found almost everywhere, the corner shop, gas station and newsagent.  Scratch cards are cheap with the opportunity to win big.  They are also available online which makes scratch cards even more popular and accessible. […]

  • Lotto NZ

    How Can I Win The Lotto NZ? There is no sure way to win or predict the winner of any lotto game. The lotto numbers are drawn at random and with each lotto draw, all numbers will have an equal chance of being drawn. The best way to increase your chances of winning is to […]

  • Why online pokies are so popular

    Why Are Online Pokies Popular in NZ? Pokies have been around for as long as casino games have existed and have always attracted a fantastic audience. Ever since the invention of online casinos, Pokies have only grown in popularity and currently account for up to 80% of online casino revenue worldwide. However, with so many […]

  • Top Tips for Video Poker

    Top Tips for Video Poker Video Poker is a popular online casino game and is a combination of gaming and the excitement of playing Poker.  Video Poker is also known for its best return to player, which means it offers a great chance for players to win and make money.  By following top tips for […]

  • mobile betting Australia

    Mobile Betting Australia Open to NZ Punters With the betting industry under strict control of the New Zealand Racing Board, many Kiwi punters are looking to mobile betting Australia to take advantage of the many sporting tournaments and the wide range of betting markets available. Whether you’re a fan of football, rugby or cricket, there […]

  • Moto GP

    Moto GP – The World On Two Wheels The Moto GP riding season spans over 9 months annually, running from the month of March through the month of November.  Host countries include Qatar (a favourite to many), the USA, Argentina and Spain.  Manufacturers of the motorcycles include Ducati, Honda, Suzuki and more.  Moto GP was […]